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Maximize your RUP investment through VSTS

RUP® customers have long recognized the value represented by the extensive best-practices of this leading software development methodology, but the deployment of RUP processes in actual projects has been notoriously difficult.  Two key factors that have hindered the adoption of RUP have been the difficulty in applying the overwhelming content provided by RUP to specific projects as well as the lack of effective tools for enacting RUP processes in real projects.  The burden of distilling RUP content has often fell to project managers as they manually implement project plans.  This manual approach is error prone, resources intensive and instills little practitioner acceptance RUP practices. 


Many teams are migrating to Microsoft's powerful Visual Studio Team System, with its rich, end-to-end ALM toolset and powerful work item tracking capabilities.  Osellus' IRIS Process Live provides a complete solution for enacting RUP processes within VSTS by providing project managers with the ability to unfold their project plan through flexible realization of process activities as work items, integrated practitioner guidance and process references and by advanced workflow execution functionality.  By reducing the friction and inflexibility associated with implementing RUP, IRIS Process Live empowers participants to make the process-informed decisions that lead to project predictability and success. 

For organizations with little variability between projects, delivery processes created in Rational Method Composer can be transformed with Osellus' Content Bridge for VSTS into Process Templates for direct import into Team System.  Content Bridge provides simple content tailoring without requiring deep knowledge of complex process meta-model concepts. 

For organizations with large and varied project portfolios, Osellus' IRIS Process Author provides a complete process asset management and development solution that allows RUP content to be blended with best practices from alternative methodologies and industry frameworks such as CMMI and ITIL.  It offers an intuitive authoring environment that allows process engineers and subject matter experts to capture process content in detail without requiring a deep understanding of the underlying SPEM standard.  An efficient process architecture can be established to organize process assets as reusable and extendable components that enable the assembly of truly project-ready processes.  IRIS Process Author's flexible export capabilities are used to create VSTS Process Templates for various project classifications which are ready for enactment across multiple projects.


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