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Collaboratively manage your enterprise process assets
Blend Industry Best Practices and Proven Internal Practices Harness the Collective Knowledge of Your Team Publish, Distribute and Enact Tailored Processes Publish, Distribute and Enact Tailored Processes Build Online Process Communities Visually Create and Tailor Processes

IRIS Process Author is a visual process management system that enables collaborative authoring and tailoring of process assets in a practical manner that ensures an organization is able to meet its governance objectives.  Processes are managed within a well-structured process architecture to facilitate efficient customization and reuse of process assets across the organization.  IRIS Process Author is methodology neutral, allowing organizations to blend the best industry content with their own proven practices to establish a rich set of assets that can be easily deployed throughout the organization.  The system utilizes proven Web 2.0 technologies to provide a central portal that facilitates the development of online process communities to enhance process awareness and drive process improvement efforts.

Taking advantage of built-in support for governance frameworks, organizations can quickly and easily create a set of process assets that map to their control objectives and generate process compliancy reports.  Team members can use wiki technologies to review and refine the assets before deploying them in IRIS Process Central to be distributed to the broader communities and be enacted in IRIS Process Live or other popular enactment platforms and ALM frameworks.  


Visually Create and Tailor Processes
Intuitive process tailoring IRIS Process Author's intuitive interface allows user's to productively tailor processes, without burdening them with abstract meta-model concepts.   
Rapidly construct complex workflows and state-machines

Drag, drop and connect work breakdown elements to rapidly capture complex process workflows and state-machines, similar to desktop drawing packages.

Fully capture process details  IRIS lets you capture all process information including descriptions, guidance references and custom fields.
Visualize your process model from several dimensions

Beyond the workflow and work breakdown structure, additional process relationships, such as workproduct associations, are illuminated through rich diagrams.

SPEM standard compliant

IRIS Process Author is compliant with the OMG’s (Object Management Group) SPEM (Software Process Engineering Meta-model) specification. SPEM is an open industry standard specifically for modeling software development processes. Process models created in IRIS Process Author can be imported from and exported to other SPEM compliant systems, eliminating vendor lock-in.

Blend Industry Best Practices and Proven Internal Practices
Blend the best practices to produce truly useful processes

No single process or methodology is appropriate for all projects.  IRIS Process Author enables you to capture your own proven practices and blend them with industry content of your choice to create rich, project-ready processes.

Tailor popular industry methodologies

IRIS Process Author is not built around a single methodology, but rather allows you to tailor content of your choice, including:

  • Rational® Unified Process (RUP®)
  • OpenUP
  • Unified Process (UP)
  • Fujitsu Macroscope®
  • Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)
  • Agile methodologies
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PM-BOK)
  • ITIL
Ensure governance requirements (including CMMI) are met

IRIS Process Author features built-in support to help you map your process assets to your control objectives and monitory compliancy through report generation.  The following governance frameworks can be deployed in your process:

  • CMMI
  • SOX
  • ITIL
  • Six Sigma
  • ISO
  • More...

Develop a Robust Process Architecture to Manage Your Process Assets
Organize processes intelligently

Processes can be organized within a well-structured architecture to foster standardization among processes and promote efficient reuse of process assets. 

Easily specify useful process variants

Process assets can be defined at various levels of abstraction and imported to assemble specialized processes that are suitable for the unique characteristics of real projects, such as a specific domain or technology.  Common process assets, such as enterprise-wide practices, can be defined once and shared among many process variants.

Efficiently maintain a relevant process repository

As the process repository is refined in response to business changes or feedback from real projects, changes can be intelligently propagated to derived processes to maintain complete integrity of all process assets. 

Harness the Collective Knowledge of Your Team
Enterprise-wide collaboration

IRIS Process Author allows large, distributed team throughout the extended enterprise to collaborate in building and refining a rich and relevant process repository using Web 2.0 technologies such as wikis and blogs. 

Capture expert knowledge

Subject matter experts (SMEs) can participate in enriching a process repository by providing their knowledge, such as relevant technology patterns and practices, in the form of process guidance.

Securely manage your process assets

IRIS Process Author provides controlled access to process packages to ensure the integrity of process assets and to enforce modelling roles.  Users may lock assets while they are working on them.

Publish, Distribute and Enact Tailored Processes
Disseminate process content throughout your team

Tailored processes can be published as online, print documentation or as a Wiki, enabling consumption of content throughout large distributed teams.  Published formats are highly customizable to suit your organization's needs.

Measure governance compliance IRIS Process Author can issue reports at any time to effectively measure how your processes comply with governance requirements.
Export process content VSTS, MS-Project and more

IRIS Process Author features flexible export capabilities, with default export configurations for Microsoft Project, Visual Studio Team System and more.

Enactment process-aware projects through IRIS Process Live All processes created in IRIS Process Author can be used to execute process-aware projects with IRIS Process Live.  This second-generation process enactment system allows teams to realize the value captured in rich processes and sets the stage for continuous process improvement. 

Build Online Process Communities
Quick access to process information in a central location IRIS Process Central is an online process repository that allows community members to browse, discuss, contribute, consume and provide feedback for your organization's processes.  Processes are made available in a variety of formats including online web site, printable document, wiki, enactment templates and can also be accompanied by your compliancy reports and auditing results.  IRIS Process Central is included with the purchase of IRIS Process Author.  
Provide feedback and collaboration mechanism

Blogs, wikis, and discussions boards allow community members to contribute to the processes and provide their feedback to other members and process engineers.  When selecting a process for enactment, managers have access to this information to help them decide which version or process variant would best fit their project's needs.

Easily search and find processes IRIS Process Central provides a variety of search options including the ability to locate processes based on their characteristics as well as the ability to perform a full text search for all process documents.
Customize portal

IRIS Process Central utilizes Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and can be customized to meet your organization's requirements.


User Experience

  • Drag and drop modeling of workflows, work breakdown structure, state machines and more
  • Rich-text editing of descriptions and other fields
  • Context sensitive tools and panels
  • Globalization support

Process Architecture

  • Rich process asset packaging and inheritance model
  • Per-user modeling roles for process libraries
  • Custom process classification for easy identification:
    • Type (iterative, agile, waterfall, …)
    • Development technology (.NET, J2EE, …)
    • Team size
    • More…

Process Definition

  • SPEM compliant - Lifecycle, Phase, Iteration, WorkDefinition, Activity, WorkProduct, Guidance, ProcessPerformer and ProcessRole elements
  • Customizable process element terminology (e.g. “Activity” can be referred to as “Task” for some methodologies)
  • Multi-level workflow definition
  • Advanced relationship modeling:
    • Precedes dependencies – Finish-Start, Start-Start and Finish-Finish
    • Activity preconditions and goals based on WorkProduct state
    • WorkProduct Impact
    • More…
  • WorkProduct state machine
  • Process element fields to capture full detail, including organization-definable custom fields
  • Links to external guidance resources
  • Validation of processes to ensure end-to-end integrity

Importing, Exporting and Reporting

  • XML-based importing of industry methodologies
  • Configurable export with predefined options for MS Project, VSTS, CMMI reports and more…

Publishing and Feedback

  • Print and online publishing, including diagrams, with definable output scope
  • Publish as Wiki to facilitate process tailoring and team contribution
  • Publish to Process Central to make process available across the organization 
  • Output can be edited in Word and Visio
  • Configurable output templates for content, style and layout

Process Central

  • Online process repository to promote process awareness and adoption
  • Feedback facility to allow community members to browse, discuss and contribute to processes 
  • Full text and meta data search are available to find suitable process for consumption
  • Modify process definitions using wiki technologies
  • View Lessons Learned captured during enactment of the process from IRIS Process Live

Audit Trail

  • Automatic and detailed tracking of all modifications to processes

To try IRIS Process Central Sandbox, go to http://process.osellus.com.  

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